Jesus said “my sheep, hear my voice”. All things are upheld by the power of His word. Learn to hear His voice in a noisy world.

Love one, hate the other. You can’t learn to handle money from a world that loves it. Learn from the source of abundance Himself.

Coming out of slavery and captivity is not the same as entering into a life of rich, overflowing blessing. In this series, learn the importance of daily entering into His rest from labour. Learn to live ‘free indeed’. Learn to live in the unfolding fullness of your holy calling and learn to reset your default thinking to an abundance mindset.


Free Indeed

Whoever Jesus sets free is not just free, but ‘free indeed’. There is a next-level experience of freedom that Jesus has for you. Not all Christians experience all that is intended for them. Learn to enter in.

Saved & Called

Entering into His rest from labour, will also mean entering into the calling God has for your life. The apostle Paul wrote much of the New Testament from prison: see how more-than-free kind of people often forgo external freedoms on purpose. Learn to enter your calling.

Abundance Default

Our experiences often shape our thinking and create walls of limitation inside. We need to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and allow expansion within our thinking before we can ever enter into the wide open spaces of grace. Learn to think through a new default.

Friendship is everything—and friendship is God’s heart. Sadly many people have missed the beauty of this truth, focusing instead on tasks. God never set out to be God. He is God, He is Father, He is love—this is who He is. But His ultimate desire was friendship with you. Learn to truly live in the unbroken beauty of being God’s perpetual bestie.


The Ultimate Objective of Love

We so often treat God like He is Santa Claus or our psychologist or a police officer or life coach, and because of His very nature He is always willing to serve us as provider, counsellor, disciplinarian or coach. However, His intention for you is something far more precious.